15 DIY Bookshelf Ideas

I’m in desperate need of a new bookshelf. I buy about 50+ books per month due to fabulous Book Sales in Georgia and frankly I’ve got nowhere left to put them. (It’s actually more than 50 usually, but I donate almost that many every month so that helps to even everything out!)

I decided to go on a Research Quest through the online world of Blogs to see what I could find! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite DIY Bookshelf Ideas that I’ve come across so far. Each one contains the link back to the original blog where I found it, so be sure to say hello to my fellow bloggers while you’re checking out their great ideas!

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1. Over at Craftaholics Anonymous I found this amazing idea for Up-Cycling a Door into a corner bookshelf. This would be perfect for any room in my house, I absolutely LOVE it.


2. At Kara Paslay Design, I found a tutorial for Wall Hanging Bookshelves. I’m always looking for shelves like these since they are up out of the way and I love how they fixed the corners. Check out that table under the television in that first picture, how freaking cool is that?


3. Homemade headboards are one of my all-time favorite things. Fresh Home Ideas posted about a super cute bookcase headboard that I’m seriously considering making.


4. Wooden Crate Bookshelves are so cool. I love the antique look about them! I found a tutorial over at Retropolitan where Erika picked up some $10 crates from Joanne’s and turned them into something beautiful.


5. I mentioned earlier how great wall hanging bookshelves are since they are up out of your way. Check out what May December Home Accessories did to create Invisible Bookshelves.


Both #6 and #7 are going to showcase Built-in Bookshelves, but I couldn’t pick between the two! I’m so in love with built-ins, that we’ll just pretend I included them both since one is a full wall and the other is divided by a window, hah!

6. Centsational Girl has some super cool ideas, but this Built-in Billy Bookshelves tutorial may be my favorite. (Billy’s are the bookshelves from Ikea if you were wondering)


7. Imperfectly Polished showed a great tutorial for Built-in Split Bookshelves. Have I mentioned that I love built-in shelves?? It’s nice to have a tutorial for how to split them on either side of windows.


8. You can find many tutorials for Pallet Bookcases, but I especially loved this one at Little Lucy Lu because they took advantage of the curves in the wood. I think they turned out so cute.


9. I ran across this idea at Over The Big Moon a while back where they built a Pallet Backed Bookcase, and I’ve been on the hunt for pallets ever since!


10. This Open Ended Bookshelf idea from Apartment Therapy would make a great weekend project. I wish we had some step-by-step pictures, but by following Kim’s post and doing a little experimenting it should work out just fine.


11. Fudge Banana Swirl turned a second hand store find into a beautiful Mantle Bookshelf. I love how unique this idea was.


12. Spicing up a current bookshelf into something spectacular is a must-have because many of us have those ordinary looking shelves that could use a make-over. With this idea at Apartment Therapy they make a Wallpaper Backed Bookshelf to really make it pop.


13. These Driftwood Bookshelves over at Design Sponge are so simple, yet so great looking. I love earthy looking furniture and this really seems to hit the spot.


14. Furniture that has more than one purpose is a must. I don’t have nearly enough of it, but would love to try out a Bookshelf Desk someday like they did over At The Picket Fence.


15. I’m ending the list with a bang because this is something that I will probably never have, but will ALWAYS want. Hidden Door Bookshelves are super cool and over at Man Made they can show you how to make your own.




I love the 15 DIY Bookshelves that I stumbled across in my research,

BUT I know there are still tons of great ideas that I have yet to find.

I’ll be trying a few of these ideas, then I’m sure one day I’ll be on the hunt again for more great inspiration!

What great DIY Bookshelf ideas have you come across or created yourself?

I would love to hear new bookshelf ideas!


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