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Ways to Improve Your SEO Using Social Media

Want to know how to be on top of search engine results? Curious on how to use your social media Social Mediaaccounts for your search engine optimization campaigns? This article will give you tips on how to utilize social media in improving your rankings on search engines.

  • Try to build links through various social media channels. Regardless of the quality of links built, Google usually puts a high regard on links that were built based on search rankings.

For instance, setting up a new Facebook page for your business can result to higher page rankings. This is because Google recognizes the web presence and authority of your business’ social networking site more than its actual website.

To make link building more effective, make sure not to limit the inclusion of website link in your contents. Always include it in all of your social media accounts. Apart from increased website traffic, there’s also a possibility of getting higher rankings on search results.

Pro tip: In building links within contents, include social media posts that encourage sharing. A good example would be the creation and embedding of relevant YouTube video for every blog post. This is an ideal way of capitalizing on YouTube’s ability to create website traffic and increase your search rankings.

  • Increase the number of your followers. Websites that have several high-quality followers usually social media followersget better rankings on search results. When can you say that the followers are of high-quality? This is when a huge percent of these people interact or engage with you on your website in some way. Interactions include retweeting your posts, repinning pins, commenting on your Facebook photos and placing their reviews on Google+.

Social activity is the key to show up on top page results. Search engines consider your social activity and frequency of your SEO-related posts on various social media platforms. In addition, they also look at the number of followers who interact with you and if other social-sharing elements are available on your website.

Pro tip: For instance, don’t attempt to outsmart all the algorithms by receiving fake Facebook likes on your page. Activities from low-quality followers won’t do you any good and Facebook will only penalize you for doing that. Furthermore, search engines such as Google will allow your page to get lower rankings as well.

  • Come up with sharable and searchable contents. One social media platform that allows your contents to become searchable and sharable is Pinterest. It enables you to post pins on your board and share them with other users.

A lot of social media accounts allow you to keep your contents private. Private twitter account can protect your tweets, unlisted YouTube videos can only be watched by people who have their links and Pinterest has secret boards. These scenarios should not happen in business because your contents should be searchable and sharable in all of your social media accounts.

Pro tip: To set your Facebook posts in searchable mode, enable the “Do You Want Other Search Engines to Link to Your Timeline?” option and organize Facebook contests. Allowing people to engage in searching and sharing contents is a good way to increase your rankings in search results.

  • Make use of keywords. Keywords play a vital role in making your blogs and websites rank higher that’s why, they should be included in your contents at all times. They create website traffic directing to whole content whenever they appear on search results.
  • Create a local listing. Make sure to include all your pertinent information on the local listing you have created on Google+. This will let the customers review your business directly via Google. Take note that Google recommends the most-reviewed businesses to other people first.

Pro tip: Include a business map on your Facebook page so that your customers won’t have a hard time finding you.

No two strategies produce the same result but using various social media platforms as marketing tools definitely increases your SEO leverage. Well, if you think that you need help carrying out all the necessary techniques, you might want to consider hiring an SEO specialist.

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